Call for Nominees for 2018 El Paso Water Conservation Hero
Restaurants to be recognized for "best practices" in water conservation

El Paso Water's Certified Water Partner program recognizes local restaurants for their water conservation efforts. If your restaurant qualifies for the program, you have a chance to become the next El Paso Water Conservation Hero and receive a $500 rebate toward the purchase of a water efficient appliance/product(s), and be honored at the Chihuahuas baseball game on June 14.

Many of El Paso's past conservation programs were aimed at residential homeowners, with significant gains achieved. El Pasoans reduced per person total water use by 30 percent over the last two decades, but continued reductions are needed to meet conservation targets.

El Paso Water has now developed and is implementing a conservation strategy focused on commercial businesses, and restaurants are the first sector of focus since hospitality and food service industries represent 15 percent of the total water usage in the commercial sector.

For more information, guidelines and how to apply for the Conservation Hero program click here.

Many restaurants have been screened but only those meeting a strict set of criteria have been named Certified Water Partners.

Here are the current partners in alphabetical order:

These restaurants get to display "Certified Water Partner" certificates and stickers at their establishments. Restaurants were evaluated based on best management practices in several areas, including their use of water efficient equipment, faucets, toilets and washing machines and their disposal of grease and fats in a responsible manner.

EPWater hopes that by recognizing local restaurants who are committed to water conservation, others will follow suit. In addition to the recognition program, EPWater will be offering audits, workshops and other assistance to help restaurants conserve water, which also saves on operating expenses.

If you are interested in becoming a Certifed Water Partner, you can learn more details about the criteria HERE. The program is entirely voluntary and carries no penalties if you do not meet the criteria.