Applying for Reclaimed Water

The application process for Reclaimed Water Service is initiated by a customer requesting permanent or temporary service. Most forms are available for download in this website. Some forms and agreements may need to be customized to address specific conditions of service, as determined by El Paso Water Utilities (EPWU). For questions or assistance in completing any of these forms, please contact the Water Reclamation staff at (915) 594-5443.

Permanent Service Connection for Irrigation Purposes
An Application for Reclaimed Water Service is filled out and submitted to the New Installations Department located on the 3rd floor of the Main Office at 1154 Hawkins Blvd. or to the Water Reclamation Department located inside the Kay Bailey Hutchison Desalination Plant at 10751 Montana Ave. Reclaimed water availability is determined based on the information provided by the applicant on this form.

Once the application is approved, a User Agreement is issued to the applicant for his/her signature and a work order is prepared for determination of installation costs and fees. If the application is approved by EPWU and the installation costs are acceptable to the applicant, he or she must fill out two (2) original sets of the User Agreement and return them to the Water Reclamation Department for final approval by the President/CEO and Legal Counsel. An original, fully executed User Agreement will be returned to the Applicant.

The User Agreement is a legal document executed by the legal owner of the property where reclaimed water will be applied or his/her authorized agent and the El Paso Water Utilities through its President/CEO and Legal Counsel. This document outlines the obligations and responsibilities of both parties and the terms and conditions for receiving reclaimed water service. It also includes other requirements as outlined by the Texas Administrative Code (TAC), Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), and the El Paso Water Utilities Public Service Board (PSB).

Applicants requesting reclaimed water service for industrial uses, or uses other than irrigation will be issued a User Agreement specific to the proposed use. Applicants requesting reclaimed water service for irrigation uses may download the User Agreement for Irrigation with Reclaimed Water from this web site.

After all installation costs and related fees are paid by the applicant, EPWU will release the installation of the service(s) requested.

Activating a Reclaimed Water Service
Reclaimed water service is strictly regulated by the state and PSB; therefore, activation of a reclaimed water service connection will not take place until a thorough and satisfactory Cross-Connection Prevention Inspection is performed jointly by EPWU and the City of El Paso Building Permits and Inspections (BPI) Department. It is the Customer's responsibility to coordinate and obtain all City permits (landscape, plumbing, mechanical, etc.) and related inspections directly with the City of El Paso or the BPI Landscape Plan Reviewer.

Temporary Service (Standpipe)
Temporary service is available for customers needing reclaimed water for construction activities such as dust control, street cleaning, soil compaction, etc., using water trucks. Customers may obtain this service from the EPWU's Fred Hervey and Roberto Bustamante treatment plants. Service from reclaimed water fire hydrants (post-hydrants) may be available in some cases. Customers must fill out and submit an Application for Reclaimed Water from Standpipes to the Water Reclamation Department at least 48 hours prior to obtaining service. Reclaimed water will be billed according to the current reclaimed water rates and based on the customer's estimated use.

Temporary Service (Dispensing Stations)
Temporary service is available for customers needing reclaimed water for construction activities, etc., using water trucks from any of the three Dispensing Stations located in northwest and central El Paso. Service from these automated stations is available 24/7 with the use of an account and pin number.

Customers must fill out an Application for Reclaimed Water from Dispensing Stations and submit it to EPWU's Customer Service Center located at 6400 Boeing Dr. at least 48 hours prior to obtaining service. A $20 account setup fee (non-reimbursable) and $75 deposit (reimbursable) will be due at the time of application or billed to customer in the first monthly bill. Customers will be billed based on actual amount of reclaimed water obtained from any of the stations.

Applying for Reclaimed Water Variance/Permit
One of the most attractive benefits of using reclaimed water for irrigation, apart from the billing rate, is the ability to use it beyond the days mandated by City Ordinance (odd/even address watering schedule). Reclaimed water customers are also exempt from drought watering restrictions.

Due to the growing number of reclaimed water customers and continued support from the community in reporting water waste, EPWU established an Application for Reclaimed Water Variance/Permit for use by its reclaimed water customers. This intends to allocate adequate supply of reclaimed water to all users during periods of expected high and low demands while maintaining optimal reclaimed water quality at all times. It also helps our Water Conservation Inspectors avoid unnecessary trips and "water waste" citations to sites reported to be watering on the "wrong" day or time.

An application for Reclaimed Water Variance/Permit must be filled out and submitted to EPWU Water Reclamation Department every time a User desires to change his/her water use schedule or amount.