Central Reclaimed Water Project

Evergreen Cemetery
Construction of the first phase of the Central El Paso Reclaimed Water Project was completed in 2003 and included building a 1 million gallon elevated storage tank, a pumping station, treatment filters, and about four miles of purple pipe. This project provides reclaimed water services to Modesto Gomez Park, Orchard Park, Washington Park, Lincoln Park, Bowie High School, Jefferson High School, Burleson Elementary, El Paso Zoo, and Evergreen Cemetery. In addition, Ascarate Golf Course continues to use reclaimed water. The project saves 325 million gallons of drinking-quality water annually.

The project is valued at $9 million, which is being funded with grants from the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, Texas Water Development Board low-interest loans, and City of El Paso Water and Sewer revenue bonds from El Paso Water Utilities.

Phase IA was constructed in 2005, adding over 6 miles of pipeline to the system. Sewer sites were added to the customer list and include Concordia Cemetery, 3 parks, a storm drain station, city medians and parkways.

Phase IA also included the installation of Dispensing Stations to provide two permanent reclaimed water standpipe locations. These standpipe locations, referred to as "Dispensing Stations," are capable of dispensing truckloads of reclaimed water for construction activities, street sweeping, car washing and other nonpotable uses. Access to these stations will be through the use of PIN numbers issued by El Paso Water Utilities once a customer applies for this service.

Plans are also being made to extend service to fields within Fort Bliss, City parks, schools, and other potential customers in the North Central part of town, in three phases. Construction of these facilities began in 2010 and include installation of pipeline, reservoirs and pump stations. The North-Central project, as it has been named is valued at over $24 million and is funded in part through grants from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, and others.

Formerly known as the Haskell Reclaimed Water Project, this project was the recipient of an Award of Merit from the WateRuse Association in 2006. The Haskell Street Plant has also received many other awards for its wastewater treatment and operation performance.