Northwest Reclaimed Water Project

Residential Customer
This multi-phase project currently provides more than 520 million gallons of reclaimed water per year to a golf course, seven schools, ten parks, several condominium associations, townhomes, apartments, and residential customers for irrigation of landscapes. The system currently consists of 26 miles of "purple pipelines" in Northwest El Paso. The project is valued at $23 million and is paid for by grants from the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, the Texas Water Development Board and through City of El Paso Water and Sewer revenue bonds from EPWU.

The Northwest Reclaimed Water Project was put into service in 1999 with the completion of Phase I. Coronado Country Club Golf Course, Western Hills Elementary School, Coronado High School, Cloudview Park, and Snow Heights Park were the first customers on the project. In 2002, Moorhead Middle School, Johnson Elementary School and four more City parks were connected to Phase IV of the Northwest Reclaimed Water Project. Construction of Phase IIA was completed and Rosa Guerrero Elementary School, Hornedo Middle School, and Franklin High School connected to the project saving an additional 26 million gallons of potable water annually. Design was completed on Phase IIIA of the project to serve two townhome associations, Palo Verde Park, and a commercial landscape. Four residential customers have joined the effort by converting their landscape area to reclaimed water. Construction of Phase IIIB was completed in 2005 providing service to Casitas Coronado and Helen of Troy.

Subsequent phases of the project are serving additional school grounds in Canutillo, new parks, schools and recreational areas with reclaimed water for irrigation of landscapes. Also started is the design to serve the Northwest Industrial Park area and new developments along the extension of Resler Drive to Transmountain Road, as well as expansion of the existing system to better meet the growing demand in reclaimed water.

The system also includes a fully automated Dispensing Station that operates continuously to provide on-demand service to water haulers for construction and other non-potable water users.