Automatic Bank Draft

Another free service from El Paso Water Utilities for eligible customers.

Automatic Bank Draft allows you the convenience of having your water bill paid automatically each month.

When enrolled in Automatic Bank Draft, EPWU debits the amount due each month from your checking account on your due date. You will still continue to receive a paper statement showing your total amount due and the due date.

You can now apply for this service through our WebConnect system. To apply for this service you must first register your account with WebConnect, then fill out and submit the online Automatic Bank Draft Authorization Form. Please click on the link below to get started by registering your account through Web Connect.

Download the form below to enroll through mail.

  Please Note:

  • Automatic Bank Draft may take up to 30 days to process. Continue paying your bill as normal until you receive a bill that states: "BANK DRAFT DO NOT PAY". This indicates that the bill and all subsequent bills will be drafted from your checking account on the due date of the bill until you notify us to cancel.
  • Accounts currently signed up for E-bill (online bill pay) will continue to receive an email regarding your bill. Monitor your bank account to verify the ACH has begun. Any payments made outside of ACH will be credited to your account. Repeated payments outside of ACH or repeated returns of non-payment will result in cancelation. A return for any reason will incur a return fee.