How to Read Your Meter (Continued)
Gallon Registers

Gallon registers are currently used for the East Montana, Homestead, Westway and Ponderosa/Western Village districts outside of El Paso city limits. Though they register in gallons, the meter design is the same as the positive displacement meters used for El Paso city customers. Customers using gallon meters are billed in 1000-gallon (kgal) units.

This figure shows a typical gallon register on a 5/8” x 3/4” water meter. The register is labeled “Gallons”, and each numeric indicator on the circumference of the register indicates one gallon. One complete revolution of the sweep hand indicates a total flow of 10 gallons. Notice that there is a painted zero for the dial on the far right, indicating the placeholder for one gallon. The next two dials to the left of that are the ten and hundred gallon indicators. When we read gallon meters for billing purposes we read the dials through the thousand-gallon dial, the last dial with a black digit against a white background.

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