How to Read Your Meter (Continued)

Cubic Foot Registers - Large Meters

Larger water meters (greater than 1” in size) for some commercial customers will have different register faces than most residential meters. Instead of a one cubic foot register, they will have ten-foot (and possibly 100-foot) register faces.

In the figure here, the register is labeled “Cubic Feet”, but the numeric indicators around the circumference indicate cubic feet, not tenths of a cubic foot like a 5/8 x 3/4” meter. One complete revolution of the sweep hand indicates a total flow of ten cubic feet, and each of the small ticks around the circumference of the register are tenths of a cubic foot. The right most dial is a painted zero, as a placeholder for ten cubic feet. As with the smaller meters, the two dials to the far right (including the painted zero) are not used when recording a reading for billing purposes.

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