El Paso County Stormwater Master Plan

 County Stormwater Master Plan

City of El Paso Master Plan: Improving the System

 Stormwater Master Plan
 Master Plan Community Advisory Committee Report

The El Paso Stormwater Master Plan, approved by the Public Service Board and City Council in 2009, lays out the capital improvement projects that prepare the city for major rain events. The projects are financed through cash funding and bonds.

In the first three years, these master plan projects improved flood control in watersheds throughout the city. More than 50 percent of the flood risk was addressed or reduced. Typical improvements include the following:

  • Additional ponds
  • Expanded street inlets
  • Enlarged culverts
  • Expanded reservoirs
  • Additional storm drains
  • Enlarged culvert crossings and road underpasses
  • Lining earthen channels

The master plan study evaluated all areas of the city, but focuses on areas where flood risk is particularly high. This focus on major threats produces a more cost-effective and useful plan. Ultimately, about 100 projects were recommended. EPWU staff recommended an additional $80 million in projects that address localized flooding issues.

The master plan uses standards consistent with those used by other Texas and Southwest communities. As a result, it has been well received by regulators, insurers, infrastructure financiers and other parties. The master plan forms the basis of significant reductions to flood risk, economic, transportation and health and safety issues in the El Paso communities.

Stormwater Master Plan Projects

Completed Projects
Watershed System Project
Central Government Hills Government Hills Channel Improvements
Van Buren Dam - Rehab
Pershing Dam Spillway Modifications
Lincoln Stormwater Retention Pond
Cebada Cebada Conduit Clearing of Utilities
Cebada Pump Station Variable Frequency Drive Installation
Gateway Stormwater Ponds Tunnel
Gateway West Pond
Magnolia Force Main Phase 1
Morenci Pond
Dallas Dallas Conduit Improvements
East Lomaland Basin Lee Trevino Conveyance Improvements Phase 1
Lee Trevino Conveyance Improvements Phase 2
Americas 10 Basin RV Channel Spillway
Mission Valley Mesa Drain Downstream Mesa Drain Improvements
Carlson Elliott Pump Station Improvements
Featherlake II Basin
Playa Drain Ramos Court Drainage Improvements
Basin G Basin G Excavation
Basin G System Improvements
Northeast Northeast Ponding Northeast Channel 2
Culvert at Northeast Channel 2 – Northview
Northeast Sump Lincoln Park Pond
Range Dam Electric Ditch - Fairbanks Improvements
Northwest Doniphan Ditch Doniphan Ditch
Montoya Drain Montoya Culvert Crossings (Country Club)
Keystone Dam Resler Canyon Outfall Reconstruction

Projects Under Construction
Watershed System Project
Central Cebada Magnolia Force Main
Magnolia Pump Station
Gateway West Pond Expansion
Government Hills Austin Pond
Pollard Pond Improvements
East Pico Norte Pico Norte Pond Improvements - Phase 1

Design Complete
Watershed System Project
Central Cebada Armendariz Pond
Copia Pond
Kentucky Pond
Government Hills Saipan Pond Improvements
West Central West Central Aldea
Grand Teton Basin
Palisades Open Space Flood Control
Robinson Drive Culvert
Mission Valley Mesa Drain Downstream Mesa Drain Improvements
Northeast Northeast Sump Stevens Alley Conduit
Range Dam Fairbanks Debris Catch Structure
Northwest Montoya Drain Keystone Dam Sluice Gate
West Angel Pond

Projects In Design
Watershed System Project
Central Dallas Dam 9 Upgrade – Outlet Tower Improvements
Cebada Louisiana Pond
San Diego Pond
Northeast Northeast Ponding Lambda Culvert at Northeast Channel 2
Sigma Culvert at Northeast Channel 2
Northwest Flow Pathe 38 West Hills 23 Inlet

Future Projects
Watershed System Scope
Central Cebada New pump station in Gateway West Pond
Cebada Pump Station wet well improvements
Magnolia Increase crest or improve spillway on Dam No. 7
Replace principal spillway on Dam No. 9
Dallas Dallas Pump Station Improvements Phase 2
Add capacity to Dallas system
Dam 8 Upgrade – outlet tower improvements
East Eastwood Dam Under review
Pico Norte Improve storm drain system to Pico Norte Pond
Jesuit Basin Add pipes to capture flow
Add new detention pond
Americas Add detention sediment basin - Socorro Athletic Complex No. 1
Add detention sediment basin - Socorro Athletic Complex No. 2
Mission Valley Mesa Drain Upstream Thomas Manor Pond and Pump Station Improvements
Playa Drain Remove Structures - Yarbrough and Playa Drain
Install new pump station and culverts - Vocational /Riverside
Install new pump station - Basin C/Shawver Park
Northeast Northeast Sump Northeast Sump Excavation
Expand facility - Alps to Hondo Pass
Retention for flows in Threadgill/Tobin Drain
Install pipes to flow to Northgate Dam
Northeast Ponding System Line unlined channel with concrete
Northwest Doniphan Ditch Rebuild Doniphan Pump Station No. 1
Rebuild Doniphan Pump Station No. 2
Flow Path 38 Flow Path 38
Flow Path 39A Flow Path 39A Bend Phase 2
Oxidation System Build basin to limit flow to channel – Spring Crest
Build detention basin or dam – Silver Springs Dam/Diversion Dam
Mesa Hills Dam
Montoya Drain Increase capacity of River Bend Culverts – White Spur Drain
West Central Canterbury Channel Construct debris basin
West Central Palisades Dam and Outfall